Written by Thursday, 11 January 2018 Published in Berita
The Setia Mitra Community is organizing a discussion with the theme of “Social Media and Today’s Youth” at Desa Wareng on Sunday (29/10). This activity is followed by 15 teenage males and females who originate from different villages. This discussion, which takes place at one of the resident’s house, starts with a movie screening on the effects of social media towards youths. “We realize that social media gives a large impact towards youths, which is why we chose this theme to be discussed”, says Lusi, one of the presenters. Further, the participants are divided into 4 groups and are asked…
Written by Tuesday, 22 August 2017 Published in Berita
Wonosari - Friday (17/08), Rifka Annisa collaborated Peer Educator of Vocational High School 1 Wonosari (SMKN 1 Wonosari) to hold a wall magazine competition. It was one of the efforts to accommodate teenagers` creativity in creating media campaign of violence prevention at school. The event took place in Vocational High School 1 Wonosari hall that involved about 52 students of class X. It consisted of 13 groups as representatives of each class. The theme of the event was “Bullying Prevention in Schools”.             Based on the results of discussion with Peer Educator of Vocational High School 1 Wonosari, Rifka Annisa…
Written by Tuesday, 22 August 2017 Published in Berita
School is the second home for students. Therefore, the role of a school cannot be separated from the development of the students. From the scope of the school, the teacher also becomes an important actor or teacher of the process of learning and education in school. They are facilitators for students as well as able to be inspirators, motivators and role models. Experience proves, the role and attention of teachers not only make students successful in terms of cognitive, but also can save students from various problems that can inhibit their goals. Conversely, the attitude of ignorant from the teacher…
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